An Engaging Modern Orthodox Community
in West Orange, New Jersey

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Rabbi Marc Spivak has been rabbi of Congregation Ohr Torah, since Rosh Hashana 5764 (2003). He received Smicha from Yeshiva University where he created the website which allows people to listen and download university-level shiurim. He now serves as Director of Technology for SAR ACADEMY in Riverdale NY.

Rabbi Spivak taught a rabbinic-level course on practical shechita for five years at Yeshiva University and serves as the local Shatnes tester for the West Orange and YU Communities. Rabbi Spivak is also a mohel, and a shochet.

He graduated cum laude from Queens College and possesses an MA in Public Health from Brooklyn College. Rabbi Spivak was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He is married to Debra (Price) and they have four sons Yonatan, Yehuda, Eliezer and Ephraim.