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in West Orange, New Jersey

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We are excited to welcome our new Youth Directors, Reuven and Jessica Lebovitz. The Youth Committee is looking forward to working with our Youth Directors to create organized and fun programming for the children in shul.  

As a reminder, there are Youth Groups in the back of the shul.  Parents should escort their children to the appropriate area and encourage their children to participate in the Youth Groups. 




The Youth Groups are as follows:

·         Junior Congregation(all pre-bar/bat mitzvah youth)  -  Interactive davening teaching kids how to daven properly and given them the opportunity to be “chazzan” (meets in the back-room in Youth Wing)

·         Baby Play Area(children under 2) - playpen area set up in order to make it easier for young mothers to come to shul. This play area is set up in the social hall and supervised by parents. There is no group leader or babysitter here – parents are expected to stay with their child or appoint a capable person to do so. (there are also nursing and diaper-changing facilities, see below).

·         Pre-School Ageand Kindergarten- Supervised play-time, Parsha/Jewish Story Time, and davening  (meets in the room on the right in the Youth Wing). Kindergarten kids also have the option to go to the 1st-3rd grade group. 

·         1st -3rd grade- Supervised play-time, Jewish Story Time/Parsha, and davening (the boys and girls group each meet in the room on the left in the Youth Wing)

·         4th – 6th grade-  Jewish Story Time/Parsha and davening (joining the Teen Minyan for Torah Reading and/or Musaf) (the boys and girls group each meet in the social hall)

·         Teen Minyan– run by Rabbi Kirsch (meets in the Beit Midrash most weeks)

·         9-10am Freeplay - For parents who would like to bring their kids to shul early, there is a free-play group led by one of our Group Leaders starting at 9am in the classrooms. This group will end at 10am when the regular groups begin.

In an effort to make the Youth Groups more safe and organized, we have prepared a list of guidelines for the Pre-School Age and 1st - 3rd Grade Groups (to be posted in the respective rooms) that we ask all parents and children follow. In order to limit disruption to the programming, it is recommended that kids be either in groups or under the supervision of their parents. If you have any suggestions for the Youth Program or are available to help, please reach out to a member of the Youth Committee.  

Nursing and Baby-Changing Facilities: There is a private nursing area set up in the women’s restroom, with a comfortable armchair and a curtain which can be closed as necessary.  Additinally, there is a changing table in both the womens’ and men’s bathroom. 


Monthly trips such as baseball games and movie nights are part of the fun activities planned for the youth at Ohr Torah.  Regular events include a magic show and holiday programming for the children.

The Youth Committee is always looking for volunteers to positively contribute to the youth programming at Ohr Torah. Please feel free to reach out to any of the Youth Committee members

Moshe Weinstein (chairperson)

Elie Fishman

Marcy Fink                           

Chevie Kaplitt

Rachel (Barton) Klein

Debra Rinn               

Jennifer Sharrett

Debra Spivak                                

Shoshana Tennenberg

Please contact us for more information.


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