An Engaging Modern Orthodox Community
in West Orange, New Jersey

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Ohr Torah Shabbat Groups

Pre-School Age


Time: 10:00 a.m. through the end of davening


Thank you for joining us for Shabbat Groups!  The Pre-School Age group is intended for children who can stay and participate without their parents in the room.  Parents are welcome to join so long as they sit quietly with their children and help out when needed.


In this Group, the children will enjoy Jewish Story Time/Parsha, supervised play-time, and davening. 


We kindly ask you and your child to please:

·        Always listen to the Teacher / Group Leader

·        Arrive on time - If you arrive late, please enter the room quietly without distracting the other children

·        Not bring any snacks into the room

·        Help clean up and put away any books and toys


While the Shabbat Group is designed to drop your child off, we understand that some parents wish to sit with their child in the room and are welcome to do so.  If you accompany your child into the Shabbat Group, we ask that you:

·        Sit quietly with them during story-time and davening

·        Help out when needed

·        DO NOT hold conversations with the other adults in the room as it disturbs the programming