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in West Orange, New Jersey

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Sign up for the Ohr Torah Mix & Match Mystery Meal

Want to meet those people in shul who seem friendly, but to whom you've never said hello? Have a fun Shabbat lunch filled with warm connversation and -- quite possibly -- soon-to-be new friends? If so, sign up for Ohr Torah's Mix & Match Mystery Meal scheduled for March 12th. Let us know whether you would like to be a host, a guest, or if you are open to being either.


Spread the word about our Ohr Torah New Family Incentive program, offering discounts to new, eligible families now totaling over $50,000 from our shul, JKHA and the JCC of Greater Metrowest. Share our email address with interested families or reach out for more information. If you want to join the Ohr Torah Marketing Committee please speak to Michael Diamond
A new glatt kosher restaurant, Avalon, has opened at 34 South Livingston Ave, Livingston. Avalon is under the Kashrut supervision of the VAAD Harabonim of Metrowest. For more information about the restaurant, see their website at
Last week, the whole Shul was waiting for what's never been said at the Grammy's - 'The Spice Girls win!' Congrats to our youngest Men's Club Cholent cook off winners ever - The Spice Girls. Arielle Feiler, Abigail Rosenblat, and Nili Kanovsky teamed up to pull out the closest victory in the Ohr Torah history.
Honorable Mention (in no particular order):
Betty Lando - Close but no cigar award!
Zach Weixelbaum - Most time to prepare a cholent
Karen Thumim - Least time to prepare a cholent

Rabbi Spivak's Passover Guide for 5778/2018 is now available. This includes updated information about foods including a short list of food items newly kosher for Pesach this year. The guide also contains zmanim for this year. Click here to download the guide.