An Engaging Modern Orthodox Community
in West Orange, New Jersey

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The Ohr Torah Community firmly believes that Torah educations is an integral part of the community fabric.  Rabbi Spivak teaches regular programs and learning is available in numerous venues in the shul and in the West Orange community.  Our new Beit Medrish provides valuable resources for learning and many members of our shul provide classes in their homes. 


Ohr Torah runs a twice daily minyan with Divrei Torah after each minyan.

To date we have completed the Mishna Brurah, Hilchot Shabbat and are on the verge of completing the entire Mishna Torah and Minchat Chinuch. The Rabbi gives four shiurim a week.


Please check our calendar for upcoming classes.  We Generally have Wednesday Night Classes: 


  • 7pm- A class for high school girls
  • 8pm- A Chumash Class on Wednesday nights- open to everyone


On Shabbat Day we have 

  • Sefer Hachinuch for 3rd to 5th graders
  • Halacha Shiur after mincha